Directions:  Below, you will find a list of documents required for clinical placement by the Clinical Placements Northwest Consortium. UWCNE uses the Castle Branch Background Check and Medical Document Manager service to provide a secure submission and storage venue for your sensitive medical records. Follow the instructions below to initiate the background check and set up your permanent account with the secure record tracking system. You will have access to your records beyond the duration of the WMEP course.

Questions: Please contact Juliet Brewster at or 206-221-2351.

Castle Branch

Create your Castle Branch account:

Due date: Create your account by January 8, 2018. 

  • Visit the CastleBranch website at to order your Background Check and Medical Document Manager.
  • Select: Continuing Nursing Education > (WMEP) > UR97: Background Check – Medical Document Manager.
  • Follow the prompts given by Castle Branch and pay the fee ($74) to complete your order and begin uploading required documents.
  • Contact the Castle Branch Service Desk with technical questions or questions about creating your account. Call: 888-723-4263 or email

Upload Documents

Due date: Upload documents by February 1, 2018.

  • A reviewer will approve documents on a rolling basis. Please allow 24-72 hours for a response. You will receive weekly system automated status update e-mails from Castle Branch, and the UWCNE reviewer may also contact you if additional information is needed.
  • Contact Juliet Brewster at with questions concerning the clinical passport requirements.

Uploading Documents to Castle Branch (PDF)

►Tip: You can use your smart phone to take pictures of your required clearance documents. Save them to your camera roll and then upload them to Castle Branch.

Clinical Clearance Checklist

Open this link for a printable version of the checklist: Required Documentation Checklist (PDF)


  • Negative test results from:  
    • 2‐Step TB Skin Test administered within the last 12 months, OR
    • TB IGRA administered within the last 12 months, OR
    • Consecutive annual TB Skin Tests dating back to original negative 2‐step TST or TB IGRA.
  • If test results are positive: 
    • A chest X‐ray within the last 5 years AND annual symptom checker completed within the last 12 months
  • If history of the BCG vaccine: 
    • Negative TB Blood Test results OR
    • Chest X‐ray within the last 5 years AND annual symptom checker completed within the last 12 months

Hepatitis B 

  • Immunization records AND post vaccination titer at 6‐8 weeks after series completion  OR
  • Documentation of positive titer 
    • If vaccine series is in process, submit immunization records showing where you  are in the process.
    • If titer is negative or equivocal, you will be required to repeat series and submit  records showing where you are in the process. 

Measles, Mumps & Rubella 

  • Immunization records OR Proof of immunity by titer 
    • If vaccine series is in process, submit immunization records showing where you  are in the process.
    • If titer is negative or equivocal, you will be required to have a booster shot and  provide 2nd titer.  


  • Immunization records OR Proof of immunity by titer 
    • If vaccine series is in process, submit immunization records showing where you  are in the process.
    • If titer is negative or equivocal, you will be required to have a booster shot and  provide 2nd titer.  


  • Documentation of TDaP booster within the past 10 years. 


  • Documentation of an Influenza vaccination received during the current flu season  (8/31/2017 – 6/30/2018).
  • Declinations are not accepted.  

Other Requirements 

Background Check: This process will begin automatically when you place your order.  

Proof of current health insurance: Provide photocopies of current personal health insurance cards (front and back) including policyholder, name of provider, policy number and dates the policy is in effect.  

Documentation of current CPR training:  Submit front and back of signed CPR certification card.  

  • All UW School of Nursing students are required to have a valid CPR card over the duration of their study. For more information about this requirement, visit:
  • Online CPR training is not accepted. 

Proof of individual liability insurance coverage:  Accepted documentation includes Receipt of Insurance or Coverage Letter.

  • $1,000,000/$3,000,000 policy limit
  • The yearly premium for individual liability insurance for a working RN is usually around $100. Please ensure that you will be personally covered during your time in clinic (March 26, 2018 - April 12, 2018). The following organizations have more information on specific policies:
    • Nurses Services Organization (NSO): or 800-247-1500
    • The Healthcare Providers Service Organization (HPSO): or 800-982-9491
  • Students who receive individual liability insurance coverage through their employer should contact UWCNE for information on required documentation.