Clinical Requirements

The University of Washington School of Nursing for graduate students requires all students to complete clearance documents prior to clinical placement. The required forms were sent with each acceptance packet. Completed forms must be submitted to UWCNE either online using the portal provided below or via US mail to UWCNE Box 359557 Seattle WA 98195-9557.

Directions:  Read and complete all clearance documents and submit to CNE. Note: Many of the forms have a space for your UW ID. Unless you already have a UW ID, please leave the space blank. 

A summary of requirements is provided below. Detailed information about these requirements is available on the SON website at: ""

No Expiration Date 
• Blood-Borne Pathogen Training, Hazards Management Training, HIV/AIDS Training
• Consent to Release Form (pdf) 
• Health Insurance Coverage & Clinical Placements 
• HIPAA Training
• Social Networking Policy Acknowledgement 
• UW Deskmail Activation Agreement 
• UW Medicine Privacy Agreement

Must Remain Current
• CPR Training 
• Health Insurance 
• Immunizations-Clinical Passports Requirements
• RN Licensure 
Background Check (link to Castle Branch)
Personal Professional Liability Insurance

UW SON Clearance Forms

Questions: Please contact Patty Morrison at or 206-543-7967.

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