Exhibit Opportunity 2020 | Wound Care Update

Friday | November 13, 2020

Target Audience

For nurses, nurse practitioners and other interested healthcare professionals in all settings including acute, ambulatory, home health, hospice, long-term, rehabilitation and transitional care.


Wound management is a dynamic and evolving area of practice in health care today. Wounds present complex challenges and pivotal opportunities for multidisciplinary teams to collaborate and improve the health status of patients. This conference addresses current scientific, clinical and professional practice issues across care settings related to acute and chronic wounds including evidence-based and multidisciplinary strategies for assessing and intervening to achieve successful outcomes. Speakers will assume that participants have a basic understanding of wound management principles. Presentations will update the professional with recent changes to practice. Teaching methods include lecture, discussion and case studies.

Expected Audience

150 attendees

Exhibiting Format

Wound Update will take place as an asynchronous online classroom. All attendees will be able to access content starting on November 13, 2020. The exhibitions will happen asynchronously allowing your content to be available for a year after the conference launch. Your content will be alongside attendees handouts and evaluations. We will also incentivize attendees to visit exhibitor’s digital booths.

How will attendees know about exhibitors?

  • The exhibitor portal will be available alongside their handouts and mandatory evaluation
  • A mention of exhibitors will be made during the welcome speech
  • Between speakers a screen will show all exhibitor logos and urge attendees to view
  • Exhibitors will be featured in all attendee packets along with speaker info

In your exhibiting space you can provide:

  • Logo image
  • a 120-word description of your company/product
  • Resources ‐ Up to 5 links
  • Photos or Graphics (the more options the better!)
  • Quote or testimony
  • Link to video (2-3 minutes) highlighting products and/or services (company hosted)
  • Link to website
  • Contact information and/or Calendly link

Add On: $50

Want to draw more attention to your online booth? UWCNE will send out a branded email on your behalf to all attendees. This is a great time to drive traffic to your booth and publicize any upcoming opportunities to learn more about your products.

Additional Information

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