Tips for Listening to an Audio File

Audio (MP3) files are provided for some courses. These files allow you to listen to or download the audio of a presentation. If a video file is provided for a presentation as well as an audio file, the audio file is there merely for your convenience. If no video version of the presentation is available, listen to the audio version to earn contact hours.

NO SOUND? If you don't hear sound, please check your volume setting or mute key.

1. To listen to an audio file, click the icon with "Audio" in the label in your course.

Icon of the audio Only course object.

Next, you may or may not see a pop-up window depending upon your browser settings. Refer to the figures below based on what you see.

Fig. 1
No Pop-Up WindowDirections
View of course object page with audio link highlighted.

To force a pop-up window, click the link to the audio file. It is highlighted with a green circle.

Continue to the directions in Fig. 2


Fig. 2
With Pop-Up WindowDirections
Screen shot of class with audio pop-up window.

To play the audio, use the MP3 player buttons in the control bar. You can pause the audio, adjust the volume, advance or replay using the controls. Timings for the presentation are also shown on the control bar. 

Download to iTunes to listen to later by clicking the arrow (green circle).

Note the speaker's name under the MP3 icon as well as the Box bar (green circle). Use this name to find the speaker's handout in your class. If there is more than one handout, we will label the corresponding handout with the speaker's name.


2. To listen to a lecture and follow along with the handout simultaneously

Start the audio file.Start the lecture.
Click the Return to Course Start Page button (indicated by the green circle).
The audio pop-up will disappear, but the audio should keep playing.
Handout icon graphic.In your course objects, find the handout for the presentation and open it.
The audio presentation will continue while you work with the handout.
How to find the audio file pop-up that has been minimized.To go back to the controls for the audio file so you can start or stop the audio, go down to your task bar and click your browser icon. You should see the audio file title there. Click the audio file to open the pop-up window.