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Certificate Questions

  • How do I get my certificate? - Login to our site (UWCNE.ORG) and click My Certificates in the main menu. There you will see a list of your completed activities. Click the Certificate link in the right column. A PDF will download to your computer.
  • Where is the downloaded certificate on my computer? - Your UWCNE certificate is a downloadable PDF. When you click on Certificate, the PDF will download to your computer. Windows users, look down at the left corner of your screen for the download link. Mac users, look in your Downloads folder. In some browsers, you will find a download icon in the browser menu area. The icon will have a down arrow image. If you don't see download icons or links, you can use your computer's search function to search for the name of the downloaded file. The file name should include the name of the course. If you have trouble finding your downloaded certificate, sort your download folder items by date modified with most recent on top.
  • What's on the certificate?  - If you have completed a series of courses in an activity set, all the courses in that set will be listed on the certificate. Only those courses that you complete will have contact hour credit listed after the course title. The total amount of credit you have earned for the set, including pharmacology credit, will be listed at the bottom of the list of courses.
  • Certificates for older courses - Click here to retrieve your older course certificate. If you can't find a certificate link for an activity you completed before 2015, please call our registration manager at 206-221-2406. Some certificates will have to be retrieved manually.

Certificate help: Call 206-221-2406 or email cne@uw.edu



Ambulatory Care Conference Eval -doesn't work

I have also had issues with this evaluation -- I have completely filled everything out, including question #2, but it does not recognize it. Please help




Evaluation fixed

Hi Jennifer--

There was an unforseen problem with the evaluation numerical rating system (1-5) and the title of the presentation starting with a number (7 Habits...).  This was something we had not anticipated would be an issue. The evaluation has been fixed. Please try your evaluation again, or call 206-543-1047, and a registration manager can adjust your records manually so you can get your certificate.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


Patricia Merry
Web Manager, UWCNE

ASC Evaluation for Thursday, April 21 is broken.

I have filled out the complete evaluation for Thursday, April 21st.  It does recognize that I have completed question #2.  I have tried selecting every box and using different browsers.  I was able to complete the evaluation for Wednesday.


Evaluation is fixed.

Please see the information above. We are sorry for any frustration this may have caused you!


Patricia Merry
Web Manager, UWCNE

Getting Certificate

The website seems a little cumbersome, and eventhough I did my eval I couldn't print my cert because "the system" thought I did not attend one day of the course I attended both days.


Attendance at conferences


If you attended one of our conferences, then yes, attendance is required and you must be marked attended by our registration manager before you can download your certificate. If you are still having trouble accessing your certificate, please call our registration manager at 206-543-1047. She will be happy to help you.


Patricia Merry
Web Manager, UWCNE.ORG


Certificate Help

I think I understood almost everything, thank you for the tutorial. How much time approximately does it take to get a certificate and if I need term paper writing ? Thank you.

Earning a contact hour certificate

Hello Loren--

You can earn contact hours in nursing on our site. No term paper writing is involved. However, for our self-study courses, we do require a score of 80% on the quizzes and the submission of an evaluation. Contact hour amounts vary, depending upon the time it takes to complete course activities.

Our specialty courses in Wound, Medical-Surgical Nursing, and I.V. Therapy have assignments as part of the course requirements. Some of these are written assignments.

If you have questions, please call 206-543-1047.

Thank you for reaching out!

Patricia Merry
Web Manager, UWCNE.ORG

April Ambulatory Care Conference

We were told our certificates would be given after we did our evaluations for this conference.  the conference was last month April 22 and 23rd.  In our packet we had instructions to log on to www.uwcne.org to complete our online evaluation at which point the certificate could be down loaded.  I've tried this from work (UW/Valley Medical Center) and now today from home and can find no way to complete this task.  I do not think I made an account online necessarily, although I did sign up for the conference online.  Our work pays for this conference.

I had to create a different account from home to try to complete this task.

Please help!

Cynthia Holt

Your Ambulatory Care Evaluation

Hi Cynthia--

To access your evaluation, you need to log into our website with the same username and password that is associated with your registration. This is not the one you are using above. I will call you to follow up on your issue, so you can get your certificate.

If you are using Internet Explorer, you can also encounter issues. We recommend Google Chrome and Firefox.


Patricia Merry, Web Manager, UWCNE.ORG


I am having difficulty retrieving my certificates for the Winter Geriatric Series, can you help? I attended every other one. I have my geriatric certification, so need proof of credits.


Thank you

Susan Brooks

Certificate for Winter Geriatric Health Series

Hi Susan--

The easiest way to get your certificate is to go to the course landing page and log in:

Course landing page: http://www.uwcne.org/live-event-credit/node/336

Go to the list of lectures at the bottom. Click on one you attended. Use the purple Continue Button to get to the lecture requirements. (You won't see this button if you aren't logged in and enrolled.) Fill out the Attestation Form. Then your certificate should be available to you. Go back to the main course portal, click the next lecture, submit the Attestation Form, and continue through all the lectures you attended.

If you have any more questions, please call our registration manager at 206-543-1047.


Patricia Merry, Web Manager, UWCNE.ORG

Thanks, found what was

Thanks, found what was looking