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How to register at the door at a Live Event

 How to Register ONLINE for a Live Event

  1. Log in or create an account. If you are a UWCNE accountholder, please use your email address to access your profile on our brand new website. You might have to fill out a few things for us if it's the first time you have logged into the new site.

  2. Register by going to Registration/Activities on the conference portal page. Check the boxes of the days you wish to attend, choose an affiliation and continue through checkout. If you are registering a group of people or need to write a check, please use our Offline Registration Form. This form can be found in the course description of the course portal page.

  3. Pick your preferred sessions (Some events have concurrent sessions). You will get a link for session selection in your registration confirmation email. At the conference, you can usually switch sessions if you change your mind.

  4. Before the event, print your handouts by logging in, going back to the conference portal, clicking the day you registered for, and then clicking "Continue." You should see a Handouts icon.

  5. Attend the live event. Remember to sign in each day!

  6. After the event, complete an evaluation for each day you attended by logging in, going back to the conference portal and clicking "Continue." You should see an Evaluation icon.

  7. After submitting your evaluation, you can download your certificate by logging in, going back to the conference portal and clicking "Continue." You can also access your certificate from your My Accout/MyActivies. Mac users, the PDF will download to your Downloads folder.


Specialty Program Registration Help - Coming Soon


Self-Study Registration Help

  • To register yourself, follow the steps in the box above.
  • To register someone else, please see Manager Registration.


Registration FAQ

  • Checkboxes aren't working - Checkboxes cannot be checked until you log in or create an account.
  • Register for an additional course in a series - Click the checkbox next to a title. Then scroll down and Add to Cart. Continue through registration and checkout.


How can I download the

How can I download the handouts for the respective cource?

Joseph @ After Psychotherapy

Downloading handouts

Hi Joseph--

To download a handout for a conference or course, please log into your account at UWCNE.ORG. Go to My Activities & Certificates in the main menu, and then find your course. Click its link. You will find handout links on the landing page for a conference. For online courses, you will find your handouts by clicking the Continue button on the landing page.

If you have any more questions, please contact me.

Patricia Merry
Web Manager, UWCNE.ORG

planning committee

I am trying to register for conferences in which I was on the planning committee but was unable to attend in person.  How do I go about doing that?



Planning Committee Registration


Many of our conferences are also available as self-study. If you were a planning committee for the conference, you can register fee-exempt for the associated self-study course. Choose "Planning Committee" at checkout. To find self-study courses, you can use the search function in the purple menu above, or under "Online Ed," in the menu.

If you have any questions, please call our registration manager at 206-543-1047.

Thank you for your valued work as a planning committee member!

Patricia Merry, Web Manager, UWCNE.ORG

nurse educators conference

I hope to be the next nurse educator on my unit, so I am pursuing more information in this arena

Nurse Educator Role

How exciting that you would like to be the nurse educator for your unit. We hope that our Nurse Educator 2014 self-study course and the Nurse Education 2015 conference will help you learn new tools to succeed in that role. Please let us know what else we can include to help you reach your goal! Thanks for your note!  -Jaime Navetta, MN, RN, CNE

Hi, is there a schedule for

Hi, is there a schedule for Nurse Educator 2016 self-study course??

Oli from Writemyessay 24 h

Schedule for Nurse Educator 2016 self-study

Hi Oli--

We usually create a self-study course 4-6 weeks after the live event. The Nurse Educator 2016 conference is scheduled for the end of April. So the self-study course will probably be available in early summer. If you are interested in getting notified about new courses, please join our mailing list.

Thank you for asking!

Patricia Merry
Web Manager, UWCNE.ORG