Frequently Occurring Issues

  • Video won't start? Try updating or installing FlashPlayer: After installing, you may need to restart your computer and clear your browser cache. Firefox is the best browser to use for playing AdobeConnect videos.
  • Video stalls? Stalling usually occurs because of your computer internet connection or company firewall. Try running the video at another time or location. Troubleshoot connectivity issues here. Chrome can stall on some videos. Disable or uncheck the hardware acceleration option in your Chrome settings/Advanced Settings (near the bottom of the settings page) and restart/relaunch Chrome. Then try the video again.
  • No sound? If you don't hear sound, please check your volume setting or mute key. Do you have earphones plugged in? You may have to restart your computer so the earphones are recognized as a sound device.

Play videos on a mobile device (not iOs)

Getting around

When you open a video, you will usually see the format shown in View 1 below. You can stop and start the video using the controls in the gray toolbar at the bottom of the video (circled in red). A timer is available at all times in the gray toolbar showing how long the video is and how much viewing time remains. You can start and pause the audio, advance to the next slide and go back to previous slides. You can also adjust the volume of the video using the audio slider in the gray toolbar.

View 1: This is the typical first view when you open a video. The audio will start automatically.  The advantage of View 1 is that the picture is a bit larger than in View 2 but not as large as View 3.

View 2: Events Index. This view has many useful features. When you click on the Sharing dropdown in the left navigation area (as indicated by the red circle below), the display will expand to show all the slides in the lecture. This view is especially helpful because it includes an index of all the slides in the lecture by title and by timing. Hover over a slide title and a timing window will pop up. The index allows you to skip to specific slides anywhere in the lecture and to resume at a specific point after taking a break. You can also search slides for a keyword.

View 2. Image of video screen showing the sharing dropdown.

View 3: This view provides the largest view of the slides and speaker. The Events Index column is hidden. You can switch to this view and back to the Events Index (View 2) at any time by clicking the small triangle shown in the red circle below.

Screen view without the Events Index column.

View 4: See speaker full screen by clicking the icon at the top of the window. To return to the standard view, click the four arrows again, or click the Esc key.

Watch the speaker full screen.


Hi - I would like to preview the different versions of the screen layout but do not see where to switch them.  Any suggestions?  Marcia

Marcia Cote replied on

Hi Marcia--

Great question! Here's a graphic that might help:

Patricia Merry replied on