VIDEO STALLS? Stalling occurs because of your computer internet connection or company firewall. Try running the video at another time or location. Troubleshoot connectivity issues here.

NO SOUND? If you don't hear sound, please check your volume setting or mute key. Do you have earphones plugged in? You may have to restart your computer so the earphones are recognized as a sound device.

Windows Users: To play an MP4 File on your PC, you may need to have a media player that does so. If you are using Windows 12 and above, Windows Media Player will be able to play your MP4 Video, but if you have Windows 11 or below (including 8.1 and Windows 10) you are required to get a codec or 3rd party media player, such as VLC or QuickTime. 

Safari Users: If you are using Safari and see a black box where the video should be, please check to see if you have the following add-ins:

  1. Go to Safari/Preferences/Extensions
  2. Uncheck or disable ClickToFlash
  3. Uncheck or disable ClickToPlugIn

Firefox Users: Update your Flashplayer and then restart your browser.