The Vimeo Player

START VIDEO Use the Play/Pause button in the video player to start and stop the video.

SEEK BAR The seek bar will allow you to navigate to any point in the video. 

VOLUME The volume bars indicate the level of volume at which the video is playing. To increase or decrease volume, use your computer's volume settings. 

CLOSED CAPTIONS Captions may or may not be available on your video. Turn captions on or off using the CC button. To request captions on a video that does not have them, send a message to

SETTINGS Settings give you control over video speed and the quality at which it plays. Increase or decrease speed according to your learning preferences. Decrease video quality (download rate) if your video is buffering or stalling. 

FULL SCREEN Use the Full Screen button in the video player to fit video to your screen. Use the Escape (ESC) key to exit full screen mode.


VIDEO STALLS? Stalling occurs because of your computer internet connection or company firewall. Try reducing the video quality to the lowest setting. Still stalling? You may need to run the video at another time or location. Troubleshoot connectivity issues here.

NO SOUND? If you don't hear sound, please check your volume setting or mute key. Do you have earphones plugged in? You may have to restart your computer so the earphones are recognized as a sound device.

VIDEO NOT PLAYING AT WORK? Your employer may have a firewall or network security setting that prevents video downloading. You can always watch a Vimeo video on your phone or tablet.