Question: I can't see the video presentations on my iPhone or iPad. What do I do?

Answer: Smart phones and tablets need a Flash-capable browser for our older videos. Go to your Apps Store and search for Photon. Install the app and use it as your browser instead of Safari to get to class. Please read how to configure the browser to play Flash videos. With Photon, for example, you have to press the lightning icon at the lower right of your phone or tablet and then browse to the video you wish to watch. You may have to click the lightning icon each time you wish to view a Flash-based video.

Here are some links to get you started:

iPhone Apps

  • Photon Flash Player -

iPad App

  • When you first launch an HTML5 video, you will be prompted to download the free Articulate Mobile Player app for your device. 
  • Download the app, and then reload the video.
  • If you are not prompted to download the Articulate Mobile Player and the video still will not play, please download the app listed under iPhone Apps above.