I.V. Therapy Education

I.V. Therapy Education

This specialty continuing education program is available in the following formats:

  1. Online Specialty Program
    30-hour comprehensive online course.
  2. Online Selected Topics
    Short courses on individual topics.

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I.V. Therapy Education at UW School of Nursing Continuing Nursing Education.
5 benefits of the I.V. Therapy Program
  1. Improve your current I.V. practice.
  2. Refresh your I.V. practice training.
  3. Learn best practices to facilitate patient safety.
  4. Increase your comfort level in managing I.V. therapy.
  5. Learn from an experienced instructor. 

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Photo of nurse helping a patient with an I.V.

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What participants are saying...


"A great eye opener! i am anxious to take what i have learned and improve my work."

"If more nurses took this course, they would not dread I.V. infusion."

"The instructor is great to listen to and easy to follow."

"I am thankful to have the opportunity to take this course before I stick my first patient."

"Now I understand why the vein "blows" when I attempt to advance the IV catheter."

I.V. Therapy Education

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