Specialty Program 2016 | I.V. Therapy Online Program | 4 | I.V. Medications and Fluids

Nurse adjusts I.V. fluid.This course is Chapter 4 of the I.V. Therapy Online Program. Focus is on the introduction to and overview of current standards and guidelines that apply to medication administration. Course activities include workbook, ten videos, a clinical example assignment, a post-test and evaluation. You must achieve 80% on the post-test to earn contact hours.

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  • Administration of medications
  • Rights of drug administration
  • Four things you should know
  • Drug containers
  • Drug incompatibilities
  • I.V. drug review
  • Administration of I.V. fluids
  • Commonly used intravenous fluids
  • Prior to administering I.V. fluids
  • Prevention of air embolism
  • Support page:
    Calculating flow rates

Completion Requirements

To earn contact hours for this activity:

  • View the presentations.
  • Study the handouts.
  • Submit a second Clinical Example Assignment.
  • Achieve 80% or higher on the exam. You can take the exam as many times as you wish.
  • Complete the evaluation. 

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Objectives for Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, you should be better able to:

  • Define the four methods of administration of I.V. medications.
  • State the nursing actions required to accomplish safe I.V. medication administration.
  • Define the term "vesicant" and implement proper methods of administration to avoid patient harm.
  • Demonstrate the proper method for calculating an I.V. medication dosage.
  • Verbalize how to safely administer intravenous fluids.
  • Demonstrate the proper method for calculating I.V. fluid delivery.

Additional Information

Course summary
Maximum credit available: 
  • 7.50 Contact hours

Kay Coulter, RN, CRNI, VA-BC

Executive Director, Infusion Knowledge, Inc., Clearwater, Florida; Contracted Instructor, Continuing Nursing Education Department, St. Petersburg College, Clearwater, Florida

Available Credit

  • 7.50 Contact hours
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