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About the Skills Lab

The I.V. Therapy Skills Lab is a four-hour, in-person, simulated hands-on training session with an I.V. Therapy qualified instructor. Content includes a brief review of the I.V. Therapy Online Program coursework, question and answer session, demonstrations and hands-on skills practice with a peripheral and central station. A lab kit is included with your registration fee. Enrollment is limited and preregistration is required.

This I.V. Therapy Skills Lab is designed to provide nurses and post-graduate nursing students with I.V. insertion practice. LPNs and RNs are encouraged to complete the lab as a refresher; or as a primer for new LPNs and RNs. In the State of Washington (RCW 18.360.050) Medical Assistants are not allowed to insert or manage I.V.s within their scope of practice. 

Note: The practice of I.V. Therapy must be performed according to an individual's state scope of practice for their discipline and/or level of licensure. It is the responsibility of the participant in this training to verify that I.V. therapy is within the scope of their licensure/certification by contacting their licensing/certifying body prior to signing up for this course.

Lab Schedule: Labs are held at various times throughout the year, 9:00 am - 1:15 pm. Labs are limited to six participants.

Prerequisite: You must have completed all requirements of the I.V. Therapy Online Program before you can register for this skills lab. 

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