Earn contact hours from attending or completing UW joint providers learning activities.

How to sign up for contact hour credit

UW Continuing Nursing Education (UWCNE) awards contact hours for activities provided in partnership with other UW units. Participants in these activities are given instructions on how to claim contact hours and download a certificate. Claiming contact hours requires 1) having or creating an ACCOUNT here at UWCNE, 2) adding the activity to your cart and 3), if applicable, paying a small recording fee. You can then print your certificate as often as you wish. Contact hours records are maintained for six years.

To CLAIM CONTACT HOURS, use one of these methods to locate the activity's CE Credit landing page. Either 1) refer to the instructions you received at the activity (or in a confirmation email); 2) SEARCH for the activity by title; or 3) check the list of jointly-provided activities below. After you find the activity's landing page, follow the instructions and add it to your cart. UWCNE will verify that you completed the activity with the joint-provider.

Looking for your certificate(s)?

Access any contact hour certificate you have earned for a UW Continuing Nursing Education activity by logging into your account:

►►Log In or Go to Your Account

How to find a jointly-provided activity that you completed

Use one of these three methods.

1. USE THE FRIENDLY URL to go to the activity.

Locate the friendly URL on the instructions you were given after completing the activity. It should look something like this:

How to find the friendly URL of your activity.

2. SEARCH for the title of the activity.

Use the advance search options to filter on "CE Credit." Use keywords and year from the title of the activity.

Use the advanced search options to filter your results.

3. LOCATE the course in the list below.

Courses are listed alphabetically by year and then by title.

Interested in Becoming a Joint Provider with UWCNE?

For UW programs only. 

UWCNE can award continuing education contact hours for activities that are jointly provided with qualifying UW programs. Choose from a variety of services ranging from certificate processing to managing evaluations to handling the entire registration process for you. Our secure registration system allows for digital evaluations, attestations of attendance, email communications to enrollees, support for course administrators, participant accounts for ongoing certificate access, post-activity reports and more.