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Finding your Course

Log in to the Website

First, log onto the UWCNE.ORG website. Type in your username, not your email address. 

Go to My Activities

Now go to My Activities in the main menu and use the dropdown to select Activities in Progress.

Find your course in the list. It should be near the top. Click the title of the course.

The title of the class links to the course portal.

That will take you to the Course Portal Homepage.


You can find contact information on the course portal homepage.

Questions about the Course/Technical Difficulties

 Juliet Brewster is the UWCNE Program Coordinator for this online course, and will be your main contact in the CNE office. 

 Email Juliet at brewsjr@uw.edu or you can call her at 206-221-2351. 

Ask the Nurse Mentor

Photo of Shirley Kopf-Klakken

 If you have a question about course content or medical-surgical nursing, you can ask the Nurse Mentor via email. 

 I, Shirley Kopf-Klakken, am your Nurse Mentor. Click on my photo from inside any of the course topics to ask me a question.





Course Content

Finding the Course Content

To find the course content, go to the bottom of the page, where you'll find a list of the modules that make up Med-Surg 365 - Mentored CE. 

The course activities appear in a list at the bottom of the portal page.

Course content is split into mini-courses or modules. For each topic, you'll look at handouts, watch a video, and complete a self-assessment test and a short evaluation.

To begin your coursework, click on the title of any module. 

Getting Started

Beginning a Topic

Let’s start by taking look at Focused Caring together. To start the topic activities, click the purple Continue on the righthand side of the topic page.

If you don't see the Continue button, you may not be logged into the website. 

Click continue to begin the Focused Caring activities.

Here you will see all the activities for Focused Caring. This is also where you'll be able to use the Ask the Nurse Mentor feature. 

The activities for the module are listed here.

Completing Activities

Click on the first required activity. Depending upon your browser settings, you might see a pop up window or you might not. 

If nothing pops up for you, click the link to manually open the activity.

If pop-ups don't pop, click the link provided.

When you are finished with the activity, close its window and Go to Next. Continue through all the required items in the topic.

Checking Your Progress in a Topic

If you want to check your progress in a topic, you can go to Course Start Page and look at the icons. All the activities you have completed will be marked with a green checkmark and the label of “Review.” All the items you still need to do will be marked with “Required” in red. Activities following required items will unlock once the required activity is complete.

Completed icons will show a green checkmark, required items will be marked in red.

Completing a Topic

When you have done everything, you’ll get to a page that says you have completed that topic! You can click to the next topic from this page, or return to the main course portal by clicking the “Return to course classroom" link. 

When you are done with Focused Caring, you can go directly to the next topic, or return to the main course portal. Choose the next topic from the course portal homepage and continue to its activities.


There are two required assignments and two optional assignments. I'll remind you halfway through to do the first assignment. When you have done most of the coursework, I'll remind you to do the second assignment. The clinical example assignments ask you to reflect on how information learned in class has changed your practice. Reading your clinical examples is my favorite part of being your Nurse Mentor. As you are working at your job or with your family and friends, keep in mind how this course is affecting your decisions and experiences. Most students see a significant difference in the way they practice after watching certain lectures. You'll submit your Clinical Examples using a form in the Assignments topic. 

Student Progress

If you ever get mixed up about where you are in the course, you can check your progress status. Go to the course portal homepage. Go down to the list of topics. Then look under the titles of the topics. The gray text tells you what is the next required activity you have to do in that topic.

Look at the gray text under each topic title to check your progress in that topic.

If the gray text says “Complete”, you are done with that topic! If you aren’t marked complete, go back into that topic. Click the continue button and then look at the icons. Are any icons showing a “Required” label? If so, you still need to do those activities.

Required Coursework

Just as a reminder, here is a list of the requirements for this course. 

  • Student Agreement
  • Participant Profile
  • Pre-Test
  • Assignments (Clinical Example I and II)
  • Topics 1-17 (video, practice test, evaluation in each topic)
  • Post-Test
  • Overall Evaluation

Once you have completed all the requirements, you'll receive your certificate for contact hours! 


If you aren’t getting emails from UWCNE, please check your junk mail folder. You should be getting emails from cne-info@uwcne.org. You can search your junk mail folder for “cne” to locate emails from this program. If the email is in your junk mail, please add cne-info@uwcne.org to your contacts. If you are not receiving emails at all, please let us know. Send an email to: brewsjr@uw.edu or call Juliet in the CNE office at: 206-221-2351. 

I hope you enjoy the course. See you in class!