If you are an enrolled student or coordinator in the onsite specialty programs course Medical-Surgical Nursing Review and Update, here's how to get around the course website.

First, log onto the UWCNE.ORG website. When logging in, type in your username and password. If you forget either one, please use the Request New Password link.


How to Find Your Course

After logging in, go to My Activities in the main menu and use the dropdown to select Activities in Progress. Find your Medical-Surgical Nursing ONSITE course in the list. It should be near the top.  Click the link.

Once you are in the course portal, you will see that course content is split into weeks and topics. Here you can look at handouts and review the video presented in class that week. This is also where you will complete the self-assessment practice test and evaluation. Some topics contain supplementary materials that you can explore at your leisure.

A Typical Week

Let's look at Week 1 now. On the landing page, you can check out a general introduction about this topic, read the objectives and look at the speaker information. To start the activities for this topic, click Continue. Remember, you have to be logged in to see the continue button.

Once you click the continue button,  you will see all the activities for Week 1. 

Click the first required activity. Depending upon your browser settings, you might see a pop up window or you might not. I have my pop-ups turned off. If nothing pops up for you, click the link here to manually open the activity. When you are finished with the activity, close its window and go to NEXT. 

Continue through all the required items in the topic. When you have done everything, you'll get a notice that the "Course is complete." That means you are done with that topic! If you want to check your progress in a topic, you can go to Course Start Page and look at the icons. All the activities you have completed will be marked with a green checkmark and the label of "Review." All the items you still need to do will be marked with "Required" in red. 


Course Navigation

Once you have completed the topic, you can return to the main classroom  by clicking the link, "Return to course classroom." You can also use the breadcrumb to navigate from a child topic to the parent course by clicking up here.
When you are done with Week 1, you will return to the Med-Surg course portal. When you are ready to visit the next topic, scroll down the landing page. Click on the next topic and continue to its activities. Please note that you can't work ahead in this course, but if you miss a week, you can visit the topic you missed and complete any outstanding activities. As a reminder, lectures are recorded live each Thursday evening and posted to the website by Friday morning. If you are in a group taking the course on a different day, you should not review the lecture until you have watched it in class first. Handouts for each topic are posted as soon as we receive them from the speaker. You may download and print your handouts before class each week. Practice tests and evaluations will not open until class on Thursday.


Now let's take a look at the assignments area. There are two required assignments, also known as Clinical Examples. The assignments landing page includes a list of all the assignments and their due dates. To start an assignment, click the Continue button. After you complete a clinical example, you will be asked to attest to its completion. Don't forget this step!

Optional Topics

There are several optional topics that you may wish to review during the course. These topics include: General Information, Course Syllabus, Tools for Certification Success and PICO: Clinical Question. General Information provides you with a wonderful introduction to the course. The Course Syllabus is a place where you can download and print the syllabus for class. Printing the syllabus not required, but many students find it helpful. Tools for Certification Success is your one-stop shop for information about both the AMSN and ANCC med-surg certification exams, as well as test-taking tips and strategies. Lastly, PICO: Clinical Question is comprised of supplementary materials related to using the mnemonic  PICO to create a "well-built" clinical question, as well as how to find evidence-based resources to answer clinical questions.

Check Your Progress

If you ever get mixed up about where you are in the course, you can check your progress status. Here's how. Go to the Med-Surg classroom. Go down to the list of weekly topics. Then look under the titles of the topics. See this gray text? That tells you what is the next activity to do in that topic. If the gray text says "Complete", you are done with that topic! If you aren't marked complete, go back into that topic. Click the continue button and then look at the icons. Are any icons showing a "Required" label? If so, you still need to do those activities.

Course Requirements

As a reminder, here is a list of the requirements for this course. 

  1. Student Agreement and Intent to Certify
  2. Participant Profile
  3. Complete 100% of weekly sessions
  4. Attend 50% of the sessions in person (or more as required by your agency)
  5. Complete weekly evaluations and practice tests
  6. Two Clinical Examples
  7. Overall Evaluation

Email Issues

That brings us to a major course caveat. Junk mail. If you aren't getting emails from us, please check your junk mail folder. You should be getting emails from cne@uw.edu. You can search your junk mail folder for "cne" to locate emails from this program. If you are not receiving emails, please let us know. Send an email to: ssum@uw.edu.


Questions and Comments Contacts

Course Questions: If you have questions about course logistics or general course questions  please email Shannon at ssum@uw.edu. She will be happy to answer your questions. 

Course Design: If you have suggestions as to how the classroom design could be changed to make your student experience easier, please contact the web manager at hazard@uw.edu.


We hope you enjoy the course. See you in class!