General Information (Mentored CE 2017)

General Information Section of the Course Portal.

Welcome to the General Information section of the course, Med-Surg 365 - Mentored CE. This section (and the entire course) will be available to you for one year (365 days) after your course enrollment date. 

This General Information area provides you with a wonderful introduction to the course. In the General Information section you will find the course information, course perspectives, course faculty and much more. If you wish to print these documents and create a course binder, a template is provided in the next section (Course Syllabus) for the cover, spine, and tabs to help you organize handouts as you proceed through the course. 

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Objectives for Learning Outcomes

After completing this section, you will be able to:

1. Summarize overall course information.
2. Identify recommended reading assignments and other course resources.

Course summary
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Required Hardware/software

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Some supplementary materials may require Adobe FlashPlayer to view. 

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