Topic 5: Infection Prevention and Control (Mentored CE 2017)

Photo showing how a nurse can prevent the spread of infection.

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Objectives for Learning Outcomes

After completing this session, you will be able to:

1. Identify the leading causes of Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) in the United States hospitals.
2. Critically analyze certain nursing interventions that will help prevent HAIs.
3. Explain and demonstrate proper donning and doffing techniques.
4. Identify and describe the pathophysiology of MRSA and explain the theory behind methicillin resistance.
5. Apply the nursing process in solving case studies related to HAIs.

Course summary

Vanessa A. Makarewicz, MN, RN-BC
Infection Control Operations Manager, UW Medicine/Harborview Medical Center, Seattle

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Required Hardware/software

Adobe Acrobat Reader