Sepsis Management & Infection Control





Target Audience

For experienced nurses interested in a comprehensive medical-surgical review and/or in preparing for certification or recertification in medical-surgical nursing.

Objectives for Learning Outcomes

After completing this session, you will be able to:

  1. Define SIRS, sepsis and severe sepsis.
  2. Identify signs of severe sepsis.
  3. State elements of Severe Sepsis Resucitation Bundle.
  4. Describe pathophysiology of sepsis syndrome.
  5. Describe actions you can take to reduce patient harm through improved infection control.
  6. Identify tools that improve quality of care, shorten length of stay and perhaps save a life, e.g., by asking each day, "Are these lines, drain and foley catheters still needed today?"
  7. Describe a cohort and explain why some cohorts are more difficult to form than others.
Course summary

Mary Jo Kelly, RN, MN, CCRN, CCNS, ACNS-BC, Acute Surgery and Pain CNS, HMC


Will Shelton, M(ASCP), CIC, Director, Epidemiology and Employee Health, Swedish Medical Center, Seattle

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Required Hardware/software

To enroll in this course and complete course requirements,  you need access to a computer with a DSL or broadband connection. Before you register, test the computer you will use to be sure you can hear sound, view streaming media and work with Word and PDF documents.