What's New in Clinical Pharmacology | 2017

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Adult/Geriatric Drug Therapy

Adult-Geriatric Drug Therapy Image
6.85 Contact Hours
6.85 Pharmacology hours*
$100 or $20/each

Go to the Adult/Geriatric Online Education portal.






 Neuropsychotropic Drug Therapy

Neuropsychotropic Drug Therapy Image
6.65 Contact Hours
6.65 Pharmacology Hours*
$100 or $20/each


Go to the Neuropsychotropic Online Education portal.







Pediatric Drug Therapy

Pediatric Drug Therapy Image
8.43 Contact Hours
8.43 Pharmacology Hours* 
$120 or $20/each

Go to the Women's Health Online Education portal.





    Women's Health Drug Therapy

    Women's Health Drug Therapy
    8.25 Contact Hours
    8.25 Pharmacology Hours*
    $120 or $20/each

    Go to the Women's Health Online Education portal.





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    *Pharmacology hours at the advanced practice level