NURS 540 — 6 graduate quarter credits

This course is graded as Credit/No Credit. To earn 6 graduate quarter credits and receive a Certificate of Completion from the University of Washington Wound Management Education Program, the student must:

  1. Complete all ONLINE course activities including all practice tests, evaluations, one clinical example assignment and one PICO assignment by specified due dates.
  2. Complete all ONSITE course activities and receive passing grades in each of the following areas:
    • Part 1A: Theory/Examinations
    • Part 1B:  Project/Assignments
    • Part 2:  Precepted Clinical Experience

Grading Criteria

Part 1:     Didactic 

Part 1 A:   Theory/Examinations - A minimum average score percentage of 75% out of 100% is required on the three written exams. Exam scores are weighted as follows:     

  • Exam #1*    20%                
  • Exam #2*    20%                
  • Final Exam  60%                   

*Warning Card:  A warning card will be issued after Exam #1 and/or Exam #2 if the student’s exam score is below 75%. The warning card will include course faculty recommendations and strategies to help students improve and the plan will be discussed and agreed upon by the faculty and student.  

 Part 1B:   Projects/Assignments - A minimum average grade of 75% is required on the following assignments:

  • Case Study                    
  • Role Implementation/Teaching Project    
  • Research

Part 2:    Precepted Clinical Experience

To pass the clinical portion of the course the student must have met the following criteria:    

  • Completed 40 hours of precepted clinical experience.
  • Received a minimum average clinical performance rating of 2.0 on all items assessed on the Preceptor Evaluation of Student form and a minimum rating of 2.0 on the highlighted critical skills. Average ratings will be based on combined preceptor evaluations of the student’s performance. 
  • At the completion of 18-20 hours of clinical, the student is required to meet with one of the program Co-Directors if, on average, the student’s performance falls below 2.0 on any evaluation item on the Preceptor Evaluation of Student form. Together the student and Co-Director will review the areas of clinical performance with ratings below 2.0 and develop a plan designed to assist the student in meeting course requirements.