Online Education | Women's Health Drug Therapy 2016 - Peripartum Mood and Anxiety Disorders

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Peripartum Mood and Anxiety Disorders:
Review of Common Presentations and Medication Questions

Course Description

Two psychiatrists specializing in the treatment of pregnant women discuss common concerns and best practices in the use of pharmaceuticals to manage peripartum depression and anxiety. 


Catherine Davies, MD, Psychiatric Hospitalist, Swedish Medical Group, Seattle 
Veronika Zantop, MD, Psychiatric Hospitalist, Swedish Medical Group, Seattle

Comments from lecture attendees:

"Catherine Davies and Veronika Zantop were a great duo. It was good to learn why some drugs are considered contraindicated in pregnancy and when to use them anyway."

"Catherine and Veronika are AMAZING!! I'd be happy to see them again at future conferences. Phenomenal."

Target Audience

For women’s health nurse practitioners, family nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, pharmacists and other interested healthcare professionals. 

Objectives for Learning Outcomes

After taking this module, you will be better able to:

  1. Recognize common presentations of depression during the peripartum period and why this is important for the health of the mother and infant.
  2. Discuss common presentations of generalized anxiety and OCD in the peripartum period.
  3. Distinguish between OCD and postpartum psychosis.
  4. Recognize evidenced based pharmacological treatments for peripartum mood and anxiety disorders.

Additional Information

Audio and Video
Course summary
Maximum credit available: 
  • 1.10 Contact hours
  • 1.10 Pharmacology hours at the advanced practice level

Available Credit

  • 1.10 Contact hours
  • 1.10 Pharmacology hours at the advanced practice level


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