Workforce Resiliency Series

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Stress infiltrates our lives every day and has effects beyond what we usually realize. In this course, learn how to define stress and the effects that stress has on your behavior, biology, and psychology in both day to day and disaster situations. This module is the first in a three part series on individual and organizational resiliency in the face of stress, emergencies, and disasters.

This course is the first in a three part series around workforce resiliency. This first module focuses on the definition and effects of stress to help you recognize and prepare for the effects of stress on yourself and those around you. The second module will focus on practical ways to decrease stress and increase personal and workforce preparedness. The third module will focus on behaviors and responses during a disaster that can contribute to an individual or organization's ability to continue to respond and provide services.

This module was developed by the NWCPHP and funded by a CDC Preparedness Center award as well as a Health Resources and Service Administration (HRSA) award. This work was supported, in part, by grant number 1 D09HP08334-01-00 from the HRSA, DHHS, Public Health Service Act, Title VIII, Section 811 awarded to Dr. Beaton.

This course is co-provided by the Northwest Center for Public Health Practice (NWCPHP) and Continuing Nursing Education (UWCNE) at the University of Washington.

Target Audience

Public health administrators and managers, public health professionals, nurses, first responders, and rescue workers.

Objectives for Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, you will be better able to:

  • Define stress and discuss its relationship to workplace performance.
  • List and describe various routine work-related stressors as well as likely disaster-related stressors.
  • Explain the psychological, social, behavioral, biological, and physical elements of acute stress and how these aspects relate to one another.
  • Describe the characteristics of both individual and workforce resilience in the context of disasters.

Additional Information

Course summary
Maximum credit available: 
  • 2.50 Contact hours
  • 0.00 Pharmacology hours at the advanced practice level

Please see the module developer list in the course content.

Available Credit

  • 2.50 Contact hours
  • 0.00 Pharmacology hours at the advanced practice level


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