Cynthia Natiello Memorial Art Show - October 27, 2017

Photo of Cynthia Natiello.
Cynthia Natiello (L) and Martha DuHamel (R).

In honor of a dear colleague—

Cynthia Natiello Art Show

Friday | October 27, 2017 | 2:25 pm | Washington State Convention Center

Each year at the Advanced Practice in Primary and Acute Care Conference, we feature the artwork of conference speakers, participants and UW Continuing Nursing Education staff at the Friday afternoon reception. This year, we dedicate the Art Show to Cynthia Natiello, a shining light of positive thinking who was instrumental in setting up the Art Show. Cynthia lost her battle with cancer in 2016, but her light shines on in the creativity of her fellow healthcare professionals.

In 2009, Cynthia came to UWCNE as a volunteer for the Advanced Practice in Primary and Acute Care Conference. She was a joy to have on the UWCNE team where she helped with all aspects of this busy event. She then joined the AP planning committee in 2011 and made many valuable contributions to the event.

Cynthia’s enthusiasm for others—whether friends, colleagues or patients—was evident in all areas of her life. She was always upbeat, always willing to do anything to help and had a gift for making people feel welcome and valued. Her sense of humor and positive attitude were infectious.

We honor the memory and dedication of Cynthia by officially naming this event the Cynthia Natiello Art Show. Please join us!