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Infection in a wound.DESCRIPTION

This module explores the history, background and science of wound dressings and presents a system for making an optimal dressing selection for your patient. 


Objectives for Learning Outcomes

After completing this module, you will be better able to:

  1. Describe the challenges of selecting an appropriate dressing.
  2. Explain the relevance of wound bed preparation to dressing selection and creating an optimal wound environment.
  3. Describe the different dressing categories and correctly name examples of dressings in each category.
  4. Apply a systematic approach to dressing selection.

Additional Information

  • Introduction to the challenge of selecting appropriate dressings
  • Dressing selection
  • Wound dressing--a historical perspective
  • Important issues to address prior to dressing selection
  • Wound bed preparation and the optimal wound environment
  • Dead and devitalized tissue 
  • Infection and critical colonization 
  • Moist but not wet 
  • Cellular dysfunction and biochemical imbalance
  • How wound bed preparation aids dressing choice
  • A systematic approach to dressing selection
  • Mixing dressings
  • Overview of products
  • The Wound Dressing Selection Model
  • Summary
Course summary
Maximum credit available: 
  • 1.50 Contact hours

Available Credit

  • 1.50 Contact hours
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