Online Education | Ambulatory Care Nursing 2015 - Vascular Wounds: Assessment and Wound Care Management in Ambulatory Care

Course Description

This module focuses on wound management strategies for the three most common lower extremity vascular wounds. Content details are listed under the learning objectives below.

Featuring—Maureen McDonald, MSN, RN, CWCN 
Clinical Nurse Specialist, Group Health Consultative Wound Team, Seattle

Maureen McDonald did an outstanding job of covering the topic well and providing excellent handouts.

Target Audience

For nurses, nurse practitioners, medical assistants and other interested healthcare professionals.

Objectives for Learning Outcomes

After taking this course, you will be better able to:

  1. Compare the following pathophysiology of the most common vascular wounds: arterial, venous insufficiency and neuropathy.
  2. Discuss the "gold standard of care" for the common vascular wounds.
  3. Use an evidenced based algorithm, select the most appropriate wound care products and frequency of dressing changes for common vascular wounds.

Additional Information

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Course summary
Maximum credit available: 
  • 1.20 Contact hours
  • 0.00 Pharmacology hours at the advanced practice level

Available Credit

  • 1.20 Contact hours
  • 0.00 Pharmacology hours at the advanced practice level


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