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Caring for the Older Adult

As the population ages, it is important for nurses to understand how care of older adults differs from caring for younger patients. This module contains valuable tools for assessing and monitoring older patients under your care, including tips on how to help an acutely ill patient with dementia feel at ease in the hospital setting.


photo of the speakerBarbara Albertson, MN, RN-BC
Clinical Nurse Educator, UW Medicine/UW Medical Center, Seattle, WA



Comments from Past Participants

"The majority of our patients are over the age of 65, so this lecture was a helpful review of symptoms to be aware of when patients are post-op, especially with regards to delirium and its treatment. It was also nice to review the effects of polypharmacy. We tend to forget that multiple medications given in the hospital can affect our patient's mental status."

"This lecture was a great reminder that there are a lot of healthy older adults! We are so used to seeing the elderly who are very sick, or at their worst. It is so important to remember that some of these patients may have a very active lifestyle and it is our goal to get them back to that life."


Objectives for Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this activity, participants will be better able to:

  1. Describe how acute illness may present differently in an older versus younger adult.
  2. Describe age-related changes that may increase the incidence of adverse drug effects. 
  3. Identify nursing interventions to enhance care of the acutely ill patient with dementia.

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