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In this case study, you will learn to describe the serologic response to acute hepatitis B virus infection and the serologic response in patients with resolved HBV infection.

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Target audience

Registered nurses, advanced practice nurses, physicians, physician assistants and other healthcare professionals across all settings

Learning objectives

After completing this course, you will be better able to:

  1. Describe the serologic response that occurs in response to acute hepatitis B virus infection.
  2. Discuss the serologic responses that occur in patients with resolved HBV infection.

Course format and requirements

To earn contact hours, you must complete the case study, the post-test and the evaluation. You may take the post-test as many times as needed to achieve the required score of 80%. Note: You can complete all the HepWebStudy case-based modules by starting on the UWCNE website or by starting at In either case, you will return to this page after reading the case study to complete the post-test and evaluation and print your certificate.

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