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Contact or call 206-543-1047 (9 am - 5 pm PT)
UW tools and basic computer help, as well as a contact address for personal service.
Frequently Asked Questions
I can't hear sound on the presentations. 
Answer: You may have to adjust the volume of your computer speakers.
I can't login with my UW NetID & Password. 
Answer: You might be using the wrong format of your UWNetID. 
    This is a typical UW emailaddress: 
    This is Clara's UWNetID: clarabarton 
If you forget what your UWNetPassword is, try logging into MyUW. If your login fails, you will be given a link to retrieve or change your password. UWNetIDs and passwords are case-sensitive, so be sure your caps lock key is not activated. If you believe you are using the correct UWNetID and you still can't get into a class area, please contact UWCNE. Your UWNetID may have to be added to the course list before you are granted access. Click here for frequently asked questions and how-tos about the UW login process.
My session has timed out. How do I "exit securely" and get back in? 
Answer: Close all your browser windows (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.) by clicking the "X" in the top corner. Then restart your browser program and log back into class.
Why can't my computer read a PDF file? 
Answer: You probably need to install or update your Adobe Acrobat Reader. It's free. Here's the link for the Adobe Acrobat Reader download.
When I click on a PDF, I get a blank page. 
Answer: You need to update your Adobe Acrobat Reader program. The updater is probably sitting on your desktop waiting for you to respond, but you can't see that it's there. Close or minimize your windows to clear your desktop. If you see the updater, respond to it.
How do I print a PDF file? 
Answer: When you open a PDF file, you should see icons at the top of the document. One of the icons looks like a printer. Click it to print. You can also use your keyboard to send the usual print command (Ctrl +P).
How do I print a course document, such as a handout? 
Answer: Click the document to target it. Then use your keyboard to send the usual print command (Ctrl +P).
When I try to print, sometimes I get only a small part of the page I can see on my computer screen, like just the banner. How can I print the section I want to print? 
Answer: Some of the website is composed of separate sections or frames. For instance, the top banner with all the links is a separate frame. If you want to print a section of the web page on your screen, use your mouse to click somewhere on the part you wish to print. That targets the frame. Then do a print command. You should get the correct print output.
I can't see the video presentations. What do I do? 
Answer: You have to have Flash Player installed on your computer. It's free and easy to download. Here's the link to Flash Player.
Pop-Up Blocker 
If you click a link and nothing happens or you hear a bleep, try working with your pop-up blocker settings of your browser. (Go to Internet Tools).
When some of the course documents pop up, they are too small to read. What do I do? 
Answer: Just increase the size of the document's browser window by clicking and dragging one of the lower corners. The type should automatically resize.
Sometimes when I click on a link, nothing happens. What's going on? 
Answer: The new browser window may be "hiding" behind a larger browser window. Look down at the bottom of your screen to the task bar. Find your browser icon (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.). Select one of the other browser window choices to display on top. When a browser window shifts to the back, your browser icon on the task bar will blink at you a few times to alert you that the window you've just opened is hidden from view. Firefox users: Some parts of class website (tests, PDFs) will not work well unless you turn off the tab function in your browser. In the Firefox menu, go to Tools, choose Options. Then under the section "Open links from other applications:," choose "a new window." Internet Explorer 7+ users: Go to Tools/Internet Options. Select the General tab. In the Tabs section, click the Settings button. Uncheck "Enable Tabbed Browsing".
I can't see the video presentations. What do I do? 
Answer: Depending on the video, you have to have Real Player, Windows Media Player or QuickTime installed on your computer. They are free and easy to download. 
When I open a PowerPoint show, how do I get to the next slide? 
Answer: Use your arrow keys to get around in a PowerPoint show. Or click the mouse.
Media Players for the Mac
Please note: If you are having problems viewing the videos, you may have to install a media player. Media players are free and easy to download. 
If you still have trouble viewing a RealPlayer file after installing the player, you may be experiencing firewall issues at your organization. Some facilities do not permit RealPlayer files to run. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do if this is the case. As of the summer of 2006, we will be offering videos in Windows Media format.
Flip4Mac (Allows Macs to play Windows Media files.)
Windows Media Player for Mac OS X+
Windows Media Player for the older Macs
RealPlayer for the Mac