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Title of PresentationInstructor
Care of the Joint Replacement PatientDassel, Pam
Discharge PlanningNelson, Jocelyn
Domestic Violence: Recognizing and Responding to VictimsGerlock, April
Domestic Violence: Recognizing and Responding to PerpetratorsGerlock, April
Evidence-Based Care 1: PICO—Navigating Your Way Toward a Good Clinical QuestionWhitney, Joie
Evidence-Based Care 2: Locating Clinical Information—FAST!Whitney, Joie
Evidence-Based Care 3: Resources for Answering Clinical QuestionsSchnall, Janet
Fall PreventionSayre, Cindy
Patient-Centered Care 1: Introduction to the Cultural ComponentLenart, Janet
Patient-Centered Care 2: Cultural KnowledgeLenart, Janet
Patient-Centered Care 3: Cultural SkillsLenart, Janet
Patient-Centered Care 4: Cultural AttitudesLenart, Janet
Preparing for an ExamHirnle, Constance
Test-Taking TipsHirnle, Constance
Using Research Results and Generating Data for PracticeWhitney, Joie


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