Week 1 | Wound Healing (16181-SP)

Photo of man holding injured knee.

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Effect of Wounds

  • Disruption of tissues, creation of pathogen invasion pathways, body betrayal
  • Appalling, costly
  • Heal by sequence of events

Acute Wounds

  • Definition
  • Numbers

Chronic Wounds

  • Definition, numbers
  • Effects of immobility
  • Effects of malnourishment
  • Effects of inadequate perfusion


  • Numbers increasing
  • Stages of obesity
  • Trends in population across the nation

Integumentary System

  • Description
  • Review of function
  • Avoid skin failure

How to assess skin

  • Identification

Documentation of Skin Assessment

Cellular Interactions in Wound Closure

  • Phases of Wound Healing
  • Cells involved
  • Details of each phase

Factors Impacting Wound Closure - Individual Issues

  • Patient conditions
  • Wound condition

Review of Infectious Process

Levine Method to Obtain Good Culture

Impact of Pain in the Wound

Perfusion Factors

Patient Compliance

Objectives for Learning Outcomes

After completing this session, you will be able to:

  1. Describe meaning of wounds to people 
  2. Contrast acute and chronic wounds 
  3. Review importance of integumentary system 
  4. State process of accurate skin assessment 
  5. State factors that impact wound closure in the individual with a wound 
  6. Describe factors within the wound that affect closure 
  7. Review infection and appropriate culture technique 
  8. Compare factors involved in healing
Course summary

Certified Wound Care Nurse; Co-Director, Wound Management Education Program (WMEP) and Wound Management Fundamentals Course (WMFC), Continuing Nursing Education, University of Washington School of Nursing, Seattle; Fellow, College of Certified Wound Specialists

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