Week 5 | Selection and Use of Topical Products (16171-SP)

Photo of dressing on a surgical wound.

Content Outline

  • Complexity of Managing Wounds 
  • Process of Wound Management  
    • ​Review steps to thorough assessment 
    • Evaluate all components of the wound 
    • Prepare wound for dressing material 
    • Apply correctly selected product 
  • Review of Principles of Wound Management 
    • Moisture level 
    • Pearls for closure 
  • Making Product decisions 
  • Wound Cleansing Recommendations 
  • Topical Product Categories 
  • Terminology in Dressings 
  • Product Category Information 
    • Alginates 
    • Collagen 
    • Composites 
    • Contact Layers 
    • Enzymatic Debrider 
    • Exudate Absorbers 
    • Foams 
    • Gauze Products 
    • Hydrocolloids 
    • Hydrofiber 
    • Hydrogels 
    • Specialty Items 
    • Transparent Films 
    • Antimicrobials 
      • Silver Based Dressings 
      • Cadexomer Iodine 
      • PHMB 
      • Honey Based Products 
      • Hydrofera Blue 
  • Compression Materials 
    • Different types  
    • Varying Layers 
    • Specific Category Information 
  • Establishing a Formulary 
  • Summary 

Objectives for Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course work the learner will be able to:

  1. Apply the principles of wound management that begin with a comprehensive patient assessment through to a topical management plan. 
  2. Discuss the importance of a maintaining a moist wound healing environment in product choice. 
  3. Identify wound product categories. 
  4. Describe the actions/indications for each product category. 
  5. Describe the approach to determine appropriate wound product selection. 
  6. Discuss steps necessary to establish a product formulary. 

Additional Information

Course summary
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