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Important Note: Only complete the requirements below if you have been directed by CNE

Site Requirements

Each healthcare organization will communicate to the program any required education content to be completed prior to participation in patient care. If required, students must complete all student learning modules or forms mandated by the clinical site.  

Step 1: Create account with Clinical Placements Northwest (CPNW) Once account has been created, CNE will verify your status in the program
(Account registration instructions:

  • Cost: $75.00
  • Register as a “Student user” pay fee to CPNW.
  • Student number, use your UW ID or Phone Number
  • Access Code: 273-36 
  • School: UW Continuing Nursing Education
  • Program: WMEP

Step 2: Complete all eLearning modules (10 Modules). Notify CNE when modules have been completed.

Step 3: Review and complete all site specific forms for the assigned site as instructed by CNE. Return all complete forms to or fax to CNE at (206) 543-6953.


Site Assignments

Swedish Medical Centers - If you are notified of placement with Swedish Medical Center, all of the Swedish sites (First Hill, Cherry Hill, Edmonds, Issaquah) have the same requirements.

  1. Login to the Swedish InfoPort using the "Allied Health" user ID and password (see CPNW site requirement):
  2. Click on "Allied Health InfoPort Completion Record" and review the "Orientation" (see Menu display).
  3. Complete and return to the following forms to CNE via fax at (206) 543-6953 or email to
  • Allied Health Completion Record (list date each topic was reviewed -- PDF icon Sample Allied Health Record
  • Swedish Info Confidentiality
  • HIPPA Privacy and Security Regulations

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