Wound Management Certification Prep program at UW Continuing Nursing Education.



Wound Management Education Certification Prep, offered through the University of Washington, School of Nursing Continuing Nursing Education, prepares nurses to provide expanded wound care services to clients receiving care for chronic and complex acute wounds in a variety of clinical settings. The program is based on a philosophy and commitment to “lifelong learning” and advancement of knowledge by meeting the educational needs of nurses throughout their careers as they provide services in existing and emerging health care systems. Core concepts that guide course content and practicum experiences include: prevention, evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and re-evaluation of clinical outcomes in adult and older adult patients. 


The program’s primary mission is to increase available educational opportunities in the specialty of wound management to practicing, baccalaureate prepared nurses who seek to increase their knowledge and skills in this specialty area.


  • To provide a comprehensive, cutting edge, evidence-based curriculum that strikes a balance between theoretical and practice components of wound education.
  • To provide individual mentorship to 32 participants each year. 
  • To improve the quality of wound care services through the education of these practitioners.