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Compliance Documentation

The University of Washington School of Nursing for graduate students requires all students to provide immunization documentation and complete a background check prior to clinical placement. All immunization requirements are briefly explained on the Clinical Passport. At the end of the compliance process, each student will have a completed Clinical Passport documenting that all compliance requirements have been completed at least three weeks prior to starting of the clinical rotation.

Castle Branch

UWCNE utilizes Castle Branch Background Check and Medical Document Manager service which provides a secure submission and storage venue for your sensitive personal information. Follow the instructions below to initiate the background check and set up your permanent account with the secure record tracking system. You will have access to your records beyond the duration of the WMEP course.

Creating your Castle Branch account:

  1. Visit the CastleBranch website at to order your Background Check and Medical Document Manager ($74).
  2. IMPORTANT NOTE. Be sure to select our program: Continuing Nursing Education > (WMEP) > UR97: Background Check – Medical Document Manager.
  3. Follow the prompts given by Castle Branch to complete your order and begin uploading required documents.

Uploading Documents:

Castle Branch FAQ Videos

A UWCNE reviewer will approve documents on a rolling basis. Please allow 24-72 hours for a response. You will receive weekly system automated status update e-mails from Castle Branch, and the UWCNE reviewer may also contact you if additional information is needed.

  • Contact the Castle Branch Service Desk with technical questions or questions about creating your account. Call: 888-723-4263 or email
  • Contact Patty Morrison with any questions about requirements or exceptions. Call 206-697-9344 or email

Information on Requirements

Detailed information about these requirements is available on the SON website ( All questions regarding compliance are to be directed to UWCNE, the School of Nursing does not process any WMEP student documentation. 

Professional Liability Insurance

UWCNE requires all students to have a $1,000,000/3,000,000 professional liability policy. Information to obtain liability insurance coverage is available through the Nurses Service Organization (NSO), online at or by phone at 800-247-1500 OR Healthcare Providers Service Organization (HPSO), online at or by phone at 800-982-9491. To obtain personal malpractice liability insurance for a working RN, the cost is around $105. Please provide a copy of the policy you obtain. If you have professional liability insurance through your employer, please contact WMEP Staff for directions on providing proof of coverage.

Influenza Vaccine

Students completing clinical placements in the fall are required to have the influenza vaccine for the upcoming flu season. The new vaccine is usually released in late summer, after other clinical placement requirements are due to Castle Branch. Check with your local pharmacy for vaccine availability. You will be reminded before you arrive onsite for class in Seattle.

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